Otonoha #72

Jumat, 14 Januari 2011

Well„ everybody.
Already turned happy new year.
again, it’s me.new year’s even, you too Otsukare samadeshita.
You must have scene you get nervous watching it. when all finished.
we did high five with our staffs and NHK staffs.
‘06 first Asian tour, ‘07 first dome concerts, ‘08 first National stadium, ‘09 first Kohaku, every time “we pull through together” high five of pleasure.
and this year we had various feeling high fives.
we could make it safely.
I feel relieved.
(you made stumbled a lot!) well. mail communication of year end.
son: new year, it seems I can take holiday after long time, will we go some where?
mother: reading magazine, we talked to go to Nao Island (the one he visited for Casa Brutus magazine) if your sister and younger brother seems to be hard to participate I check with them.
son: oh!no. if my sister and brother can’t make it, I go overseas with my friends.
I wait your mail….
it seems this mail has its dark side.
mother: we mark 30th wedding anniversary on xx xx.
I don’t know if I haven’t had you, I wonder if we could stayed together for long time.
Actually, right from the start before your sister and brother were born you are alone.
why you don’t think you are alone from beginning?
I don’t know (-_-) I heard first time their wedding anniversary at my 28th years old.
she starts use tears…
so 30th anniversary is something.
so that weekend, when we go to have dinner with family, I gave present of watch each of my parents.
as it was surprise they are surprised. when we eat course dinner.
around 2nd plate. father said a word, “oh no I can’t eat because of full-hearted.” new year, I go to trip with 3 of family after 20 and something year.

1 Jan 2011 Sho Sakurai.

source : arashi_on@lj


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