Otonoha vol.71

Senin, 20 Desember 2010

title: petit surprise.

well it’s me.
Best Artists 2010 of the other day.
When members appeared just like a mock cavalry battle to Makuhari Messe.
However i was stunned but I got heart-warming a little “they looked fun, these guys.”
then later I left from stage to change singing costume for while.
I changed quickly and went to entrance that other member were waiting.
Matsumoto: Sho-kun, do you want to appear at first?
Sakurai: no, it’s fine.
As it was bustle about, I don’t remember whose idea it was…
Arashi: so do we do a mock cavalry battle?
Sakurai:…. what?
Arashi: let’s do it! let’s do it!
S:… what? are you serious? I think it was
Nino : okay, we don’t have time!! I carry you with Aiba-chan!
I think it was
Matsujun: so I do back with leader!! (←what is it?)
In only such case…we expert quick sense and extraordinary team work. while
Sakurai: what… really? …seriously? saying, I was carried…..
I show brilliant open legs in M letter (just like porn pose).
Sankuru of Sakurai (copy of “Yinling of Joytoy”, a porn star) actually this is not a mock cavalry battle at all, the consequence is, I was simply insulted.
and after performance, and the show was over safely.
as I’m MC, I send Arashi out from stage.
I greeted to audiences with Hatori-san, Nishio-san and Akasaka-san.
and I back to dressing room.
There’re members of Arashi who has just finished performance.
however they just have finished singing, themselves….
Arashi: Sho-san you have done good job of 3 hours MC!! Otsukare sama deshita.!! clap, clap, clap.
this is petit surprise that can’t be surprise.
This is good, this kind of thing.
so…I hoard the matter of open legs in M letter…
I feel pleased a little.
so this is story after on air kind of back side of stage oh! not souireba! (all artificial teeth, guess miss typed once) come to that (souieba) this Otonoha is last update of year.
everybody thank you very much everything this year.
we were very busy again each other.
team Arashi can’t never end the year until Kohaku, this year… at first, have a happy new year!! See you next year again!

Bye-bee (bye-bye, slang)
20 Dec 2010 Sho Sakurai

aaaaa..so sweettttt..
serius gw bacanya ampe senyum2 bahagia bgt dah
hal yang kaya gini yang plg gw suka dr arashi
teamworkny so sweet banget!!
walau perorangny keliatan g pedulian, tp asliny tu ya bener2 kaya sahabat..
wait you all @ kouhaku :)


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