Goo ranking : Idols and actresses who love doing the cute duck mouth

Minggu, 19 Desember 2010

Ahiru-guchi -- literally "duck mouth" -- is a term that first came to prominence on Twitter around a year ago, even going so far as to find its way into published books. Nowadays, the phenomenon is widely supported by women who find it cute, but which female entertainers come to mind when you think of it?

The full ranking, with numbers in parentheses indicating the amount of individual votes

1. Itano Tomomi (12461)

2. Ueto Aya (10007)

3. Miyazaki Aoi (8904)

4. Hirosue Ryoko (3683)

5. Suzuki Ami (3649)

6. Yoshitaka Yuriko (2651)

7. Tanaka Miho (2585)

8. Yuuki Maomi (1548)

9. Mizukawa Asami (1247)

10. Sato Eriko (660)



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