Oricon: fashion leaders for high school girls

Sabtu, 02 Mei 2009

A recent Oricon survey asked 300 high school girls, "Which female celebrity do you consider to be a fashion leader?"

The #1 answer was pop superstar Namie Amuro (31), noted for her cute and stylish appearance. One girl explained that Amuro always wears fashionable items in her music videos and television appearances.

At #2 was Becky (25), whose fashion tends to be full of color and originality. "Her clothes range from slightly strange to pretty, but no matter what she wears, she ends up looking stylish," one girl said. Another expressed her respect for Becky's individuality.

1. Namie Amuro

2. Becky

3. Karina

4. Ayumi Hamasaki

5. Tsubasa Masuwaka

ayumi hamasaki tumben nih tergusur
biasany nomor 1 trusz buu
Welcome back buat Namie Amuro
Smenjak dia balik,lagu2ny emang bagus2..>____<
trus Namie cantik pula walopun udah kepala tiga..XD
pantes kepilih nomor 1


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